Automated and Powerful Pipelines

Automated Workflow
In ONCODE, all the pipelines are fully automated in order to minimise human, instrumentation or technical errors as well as reducing accidents and risks.
In order to ensure highest accuracy and minimization of instrumentation errors, ONCODE workflows follow the following practices:
• Highly automated from DNA/RNA extraction, library preparation, to NGS and report generation with minimum hands-on time
• Scheduled maintenance & servicing for all instrument
• Stringent documentation & quality control report at every run
• Data logging internal control for all instruments
• Multiple human & instrumentation checkpoints

Powerful Databases
ONCODE utilizing multiple bioinformatics platforms that perform automated processing of sequencing data which includes all primary, secondary and tertiary analysis with clinical annotations as well as in generating precise reports.

Molecular Barcoding
ONCODE sequencing tests incorporate unique nucleotide sequence as barcodes to track individual samples in order to:
• Prevent false positive/negative results
• Ensure precise sample tracking
• Enabling high-confidence calling of SNPs and other mutations