FAQ for Physicians

How can Oncode help?
  • Oncode specialize in molecular diagnostics especially in the area of cancer, inherited diseased and also other rare diseases.
  • Oncode provides complete solutions from consultation on what test to do, to molecular lab testing, follow by the analysis and interpretation of data generated, to the issuing of comprehensive genetic report signed by qualified laboratory personnel and pathologist.
  • We have tests that:
    1. target distinguished diseases specifically (e.g. lung cancer panel, colorectal cancer panel, BRCA etc.),
    2. target distinguished genes specifically (e.g. Pinpoint Liquid Biopsy panel etc.)
    3. allow complete coverage (e.g. comprehensive mutation panel, comprehensive liquid biopsy panel etc.) specifically for the state of advanced disease.
Why Oncode?
Our Strengths
Can liquid biopsy replace tissue biopsy?
Tissue biopsy should always be prioritized whenever possible as it represents the local tumour content and would provide important information as a reference. However liquid biopsy is applicable especially when:
  • Monitoring the responses to treatment and help explain why some cancers are resistant to therapies
  • When a tissue biopsy is challenging in that it is costly, painful or potentially risky for the patient
  • When tissue biopsy is non-accessible in some advanced cancers
  • When multiple samples are required to help doctors to understand what kind of molecular changes are taking place in a tumour
Can Oncode tests help to diagnose cancer type of a patient?
  • Oncode offers molecular genetic tests which provide information on genetic mutations, rate of distinguished mutations, drug applications, drug indications and drug resistance.
  • However, it is not recommended to use molecular test as a diagnosis for cancer type.
  • Generally, cancer should be diagnosed and categorized by histopathological grading and staining to conclude the grade of a particular cancer and cancer type, prior to be subjected for molecular testing.
  • Both histopathology and molecular testing play different important roles at different stages of diagnosis process. Both are equally important and it is not recommended to skip either one, or using one to replace another.
What type of specimen is required?
  • All the tests performed in Oncode can be performed using blood (for liquid biopsy panel or blood cancer panel) or using formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. Specimen requirements are detailed in the List of Tests for each test offered by Oncode.
Is genetic counselling available?
  • Genetic counsellor is available for consultation upon request.