Our Mission

Our business strategies will revolve around the needs to provide quality diagnostic solutions to our target customers. This shall be undertaken through the implementation of high quality control of laboratory standards, recruitment of dedicated professionals and to achieve high efficiency in our reporting systems.

Our missions will revolve around the following guiding principles:

  • Provision of a great working & collaborative environment, treating every individual with trust, respect and dignity.
  • Apply high-quality standards of excellence to all business & laboratory processes.
  • Acknowledge and understands the needs of our customers and accurately fulfil their demands enthusiastically.
  • Passionately build our networks across the globe, bridging over both academic and commercial research, establishing a platform for effective research innovations that would benefit all parties.
  • Insist on continual improvements and learning of latest technologies to ensure best state of business operations and customers’ satisfactions.

The ultimate aim for Oncode is to establish a centralize platform bringing every collaborative partner together, delivering diagnostic & research innovations to the next level, benefiting not only those involved in the business ventures at all levels, but also all our collaborative partners and the end consumers.