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ONCODEduce B-ALL Fusion 87 gene NGS Panel

Product Description:

NGS Panel detecting 87 gene fusions implicated in B-ALL including fusions identifying Ph-like BCR-ABL1 negative B-ALL.

Highlighted Genes -- ABL1, ABL2, CRLF2, CSF1R, EPOR, ETV6, JAK2, KMT2A, P2RY8, PAX5, PDGFRA, PDGFRB, PTK2B, TCF3, TYK2


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Test Methodology:

RNA extracted from blood/ marrow/ aspirate smears is subjected to amplification-based library preparation and massively parallel sequencing. This assay is designed to capture the fusion event from both ends, enabling independent detection of a single fusion event, and resulting in an internal, orthogonal verification of these fusions. Sequencing analysis is performed using commercial bioinformatics pipelines and annotation is done using proprietary and public databases.

Specimen Requirements:

3ml of Blood or Marrow Aspirate in EDTA tube or
2 aspirate smears with adequate cellularity


Turn Around Time:

15 working days


Shipment Requirement:

Keep specimen at room temperature. DO NOT ship on ice or dry ice or expose to direct sunlight.

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